Posted: 2 weeks ago

Zurab Noghaideli: Society should Realize Necessity of Building Mega Power Facilities

Georgia should build everything, but in compliance with regulations, Zurab Noghaideli, currently, member of ElGreen energy company’s supervisory board noted.

We should build everything, including two-storied buildings, bridges over streams, domestic roads or international highways, small or big hydropower plants, for instance, such facility as Namokhvani HPP, Noghaideli said.

“The key condition is that we should satisfy any environmental, seismological, geological, or other social or technical regulations that run today in Georgia. Even healthy distrust is acceptable in this process. Questions must be posed. Discussion process is necessary and the parties involved must be able to provide adequate answers to all questions”, Zurab Noghaideli noted.

Regretfully, today’s discussions have grown into the rhetoric that nothing should be built in Georgia, Noghaideli noted. “We want neither big nor small HPPs. Nothing. Similar positions cannot be discussed and negotiated. Though, our society in Georgia should know why we should build, for example, Namokhvani, why we should build this or that mega energy facilities”, Noghaideli said.