Posted: 1 year ago

United and Delta Airlines to Explore Aviation and Tourism Infrastructure in Georgia

Mariam Kvrivishvili, head of National Tourism Administration, has published a post on her Social network page on the working visit that the Georgian governmental delegation led by Economy Minister Natia Turnava has paid to the USA.

Working meetings were held at head offices of United and Delta Airlines companies with high-ranking decision-making bodies of Network Planning. At the meeting the Parties discussed opportunity for launching Georgia-USA direct flights.

“I am happy to have positive results of the Georgia-USA first negotiations on direct flights. The US Party has expressed interest in Georgia and both companies will carryout in-house analysis and they will pay visit to Georgia to explore our aviation and tourism infrastructure potential”, Mariam Kvrivishvili said.

“It is not an easy objective to launch direct flights with the USA, even more so the country plans to attract the US Legacy Carrier such as Delta or/and United Airlines. Therefore, our meetings are to accelerate the process. We are happy that the Georgia government’s efforts for tourism and aviation sector development bring positive trends to our society”, Mariam Kvrivishvili said.