Posted: 3 weeks ago

UEFA Fines Georgian Football Federation - Details

UEFA has fined the football federations of Georgia and Turkey due to a fight that occurred before a match.

Specifically, UEFA fined the Georgian Football Federation €30,000 (approximately $32,200) and the Turkish Football Federation €25,000 (approximately $26,900) for a brief altercation between Georgian and Turkish fans at the stadium before the match in Dortmund.

This incident was not the only penalty issued for fan behavior. Fines were also imposed on other countries for various violations, including disrupting the performance of national anthems. The fine statistics for other countries are as follows:

  • Serbia: €68,625 and €60,000
  • Croatia: €63,875
  • Austria: €57,375
  • England: €10,000
  • Romania: €10,000

These penalties highlight UEFA's strict measures against disruptive and unsportsmanlike behavior at football matches.