Posted: 3 years ago

Tbilisi-Manglisi Road Rehabilitation to End in November – Budget Hits 7 million GEL

The 10-km section of Tbilisi (Pantiani)-Manglisi road is being rehabilitated. 

According to Road Department, the project is being implemented with the financial support of World Bank.

Tbilisi (Pantiani)-Manglisi motorway will be connected with Koda-Manglisi-Partskhisi-Tsalka-Ninotsminda motorway and this is the shortest road to Tbilisi. 

The existing road is very damaged and vehicles face traffic problems.

The project calls for laying new asphalt-concrete cover, arranging sidewalks, sewage channels and automobile pavilions, traffic signs and so on. 
The project is valued at 6 995 800 GEL. The works started in November 2018 and will end in November 2019.