Posted: 2 weeks ago

Swiss Cheesmaker Markus Racine Launches Swiss Agricultural School Caucasus

The Swiss regional newspaper Prättigauer und Herrschäftler published an article about Georgia with the title- cheesmaker Markus Racine moves to Georgia. 

The Swiss Agricultural School Caucasus, located in the mountain village of Sarkineti will launch this spring. The school has its own farm, cheese factory and pastures. 
Markus Racine, a 62-year-old entrepreneur who laid the foundations for a tradition of sheep and goat milk production in the Pretigau Valley in Switzerland 20 years ago, will now be in charge of cheese production in the Caucasus - becoming a cheese factory manager and instructor. The articl lists Swiss specialists who will train students at the school and of coyrse, the local population will also be employed.
The article also talks reviews the history of the establishment of the "Swiss Agricultural School Caucaus" (SASC), which will accept the first ten students in April. The school model is based on the 200-year experience of Plantahof, a famous Swiss agrarian school. The project was organized by Mikheil Svimonishvili, who was studying in Switzerland. When he became the Minister of Agriculture of Georgia, the goal was to introduce the Swiss experience in Georgia.

Markus Racine is convinced that the Swiss agricultural and educational project will be successfully implemented in Georgia. He is happy to share his knowledge and experience with the people of the Caucasus.

"In 2018-2019, I spent 4 months in Georgia and made alpine cheese with local mountain farmers. I met people who are hospitable and loyal to the work. Georgia has become very precious to me, "- said Markus Racine.