Posted: 2 weeks ago

Prime Minister Announces Start of Anaklia Port Marine Infrastructure Construction by Summer

The Prime Minister has announced that the construction of the marine infrastructure for the port of Anaklia will commence by the summer. This information is detailed in the annual report of Irakli Kobakhidze, which he will present to Parliament on June 28.

According to the document submitted to Parliament, the Government of Georgia continues to implement infrastructural projects to enhance the country’s transport network and maximize its transit-logistics potential. One of these projects is the deep-water port of Anaklia. The Chinese company, China Communications Construction Company Limited, has been identified as the investor for its construction. In parallel, the company established for the port's construction, Anaklia Sea Port, announced an international tender for the marine design and construction works of Anaklia Port, receiving proposals from three companies.

"Work continues on the construction of the Anaklia deep-water harbor. In June 2023, four candidates expressed interest in the project as part of the selection process announced by the Anaklia Deep Water Port Development Agency.

The qualification documents submitted by these candidates were reviewed by the selection commission, which, in September 2023, granted qualified candidate status to two candidates.

By May 20, 2024, one qualified candidate (China Communications Construction Company Limited) submitted the relevant application/documentation to the agency. This is currently being reviewed by the agency and its consultants, with the selection committee expected to make a decision soon.

In parallel, Anaklia Sea Port LLC announced an international tender for the marine design and construction works of the Anaklia port. On May 10, 2024, the tender documents were submitted by the relevant candidates. Three companies submitted proposals. Preliminary calculations suggest that an agreement with the winning bidder should be signed during the summer, with construction of the marine infrastructure commencing accordingly," the Prime Minister's report states.