Posted: 4 weeks ago

President Zurabishvili Vetoes " Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence" with a Unique Condition

The President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, has vetoed the so-called law "on transparency of foreign influence" with a specific condition: the law should only be in effect for one day after its implementation, after which it will lose its force.

In the document submitted to the parliament, President Zurabishvili explains that the draft law "exactly replicates the spirit of the Russian law" and is identical to the law proposed in March 2023, with the only difference being the names.

The document emphasizes that "it is impossible to improve the law," stating that its content is un-Georgian, un-European, and undemocratic. According to the president, the principles of the "Russian law" are unacceptable and cannot be reformed.

"Accordingly, the repeal of the law is without alternative and represents the will of the Georgian people," President Zurabishvili stated.