Posted: 1 year ago

Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union Forms Memorandum of Understanding with Georgian Farmers' Association

A memorandum of understanding was formed between the Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union and the Georgian Farmers' Association.

According to the Kazakh-Georgian Economic Union, the memorandum envisages the development of farming and the promotion of agritourism. The parties will jointly work to expand sectoral perspectives and facilitate cooperation between the two countries. The memorandum also includes sharing of plans, visions and strategies related to the development of the sector and in addition, exchanging of information on planned projects related to farming and agritourism, implementation of joint events and marketing activities.

"Within the framework of the memorandum, meetings will be held to share the experience of the two countries in the field of agriculture, to develop cooperation and deepen ties, both to attract investment and popularize agritourism, as well as to develop farming activities.", noted the spokesperson of Georgian Farmers' Association.