Posted: 1 month ago

Japanese Energy Company TEPCO Implements First Investment Project in Georgia

Energy security and energy independence are very important aspects for Japan because the economy and human progress largely depend on energy resources, the Japanese Ambassador to Georgia Imamura Akira noted.

In previous years, Japan depended on foreign energy resources by 90% and the country had to take high costs, but hydropower plants have played a crucial role in developing Japan’s energy system, the Japanese Ambassador noted and explained what strategy the Government of Japan follows when building new HPPs or other power stations.

“Hydropower plants play a crucial role in Japan’s life: the greater part of electricity is generated by HPPs and this trend will be maintained in coming years. Hydropower facilities are built even in locations with unstable seismology. Naturally, we comprehensively study seismology aspects and communicate with society to achieve consensus on the safety of construction works and natural and social impacts.

This communication is an inseparable part of building any HPP or other power stations”, the Ambassador pointed out. Georgia has huge hydropower potential and Japan explores this potential with much interest. Japan has already made the first investment in this direction, Mr. Akira said. “Thanks to its landscapes, Georgia has huge hydro energy resources to increase the generation. Japan explores Georgia’s energy potential with much interest. Therefore, our energy giant TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) has taken the decision to implement a firth investment project in Dariali HPP”, Imamura Akira said.