Posted: 6 months ago

Irakli Kvatchantiradze's Guide to Effective Website Development

In its ongoing series "Digital Partner," Business Partner delves into the evolving digital marketing landscape, discussing various pertinent issues.

Irakli Kvatchantiradze, Chief Technical Manager at Clipart, shares his insights on website development considerations, timeframes, costs, and emerging trends in an interview with Business Partner.

Duration and Cost of Website Development

When asked about website development duration and cost, Kvatchantiradze explains that these depend on the project's complexity, target audience, purpose, technical requirements, and the number of pages. "Understanding the client's vision and accurately assessing their needs are crucial," he emphasizes. "The cost is influenced by the project duration and the chosen technology, among other internal factors like website architecture."

Key Considerations in Website Development

Highlighting crucial aspects of website planning, Kvatchantiradze notes the importance of mobile device optimization, given that 64% of global website visits come from mobile users. Additionally, he stresses the significance of comprehensive SEO integration, allowing clients to manage meta tags effectively.

Stages of Website Creation

Kvatchantiradze outlines the website creation process, starting with an analysis that includes competitor research and functionality architecture. This is followed by UI/UX design, which often uncovers additional details, and then web development, where both frontend and backend coding occurs. Selecting the right hosting provider and server configuration is next, culminating in final product testing.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Emphasizing that websites are "living organisms," Kvatchantiradze advises regular maintenance for optimal performance. This includes backing up content and code, updating services for security, and ongoing monitoring for flaw detection and resolution.

Future Trends in Web Development

Looking ahead, Kvatchantiradze predicts a rise in AI integration for more personalized user experiences. He foresees increased use of chatbots and voice search capabilities, encouraging developers to incorporate these features in both websites and applications for enhanced user engagement.

This comprehensive guide by Irakli Kvatchantiradze provides valuable insights into the multifaceted process of website development and the future direction of web technologies.