Posted: 2 months ago

Government Cuts Salaries by 57 million GEL

Salaries in the public sector will be cut by 57 million GEL, the 2020 bailout budget bill reads. Under the document, the 2020 salaries in the public sector will amount to 1.839 billion GEL.

Furthermore, the Government plans to cut expenditures in the part of Goods and Services. Namely, in this direction will be reduced by 107 million GEL and this part will be financed by only 1.860 billion GEL.

Non-COVID expenditures in the subsidization component will be cut by 77 million GEL, while expenditures grow by 559 million GEL in other directions. On the whole, the subsidization programs will be financed by 1.5 billion GEL. At the same time, social support programs will also grow to 5.575 billion GEL form 4.556 billion GEL.