Posted: 2 weeks ago

Government Asks EU Energy Union to Engage in Discussions over Namakhvani HPP

The Government of Georgia has decided to involve EU Energy Union’s Center for Disputes Resolution and Negotiations in the dialogue with the Georgian non-governmental sector.
According to the joint letter of the Georgian Economy Minister and the Agriculture Minister, participation of the neutral party in discussions over Namakhvani HPP will be useful for building confidence and providing a valuable and efficient discussion process.
“We will be thankful for the interest and personal engagement of the chairman of the Energy Union Center for Disputes Resolution and Negotiations in the mentioned process in order to ensure valuable communication between the Government and civil groups”, the letter reads.
In the letter, the Government expresses readiness to explore all documents, reports, and procedures in compliance with EU legislation and best European practices. Multilateral discussions will be also organized to put forward and analyze all legitimate issues.
“The Government of Georgia adheres to climate change prevention and de-carbonization policy in the energy sector through further development of renewable energy potentials. Georgia, as the Energy Union member country, will take all necessary steps in compliance with EU legislation and the highest standards of environmental protection, safety, transparency, and inclusiveness.
Like many other countries, renewable energy projects have caused controversies. Therefore, the Government aims to find the balancing point between popularization of renewable energy and additional measures”, the statement reads.