Posted: 2 months ago

Goga Melikidze Appointed as Senior Investment Officer of Pension Agency

Goga Melikidze, the former head of Galt&Taggart brokerage department, has been appointed as senior investment officer of the Pension Agency.

“I am pleased to join the Pensions Agency’ team. I believe that the Pension system reform is one of the successful steps for our country. At the same time, I feel huge responsibility and I am sure all further steps will bring more benefits to the Pension Agency”, the Pension Agency senior investment officer Goga Melikidze noted.

Under the law on the contributory pension system, the very senior investment officer is responsible for investing pension assets. The decision on this appointment was made by the Supervisory Board staffed with Health Minster, Economy Minister and Finance Minister.

According to the biography published on the Agency website, Goga Melikidze has got 16-year experience of working in the finance sector, including 10-year experience of working on managerial positions and 9-year experience of working in the assets management direction.

Starting October, 2015, he was the head of Galt&Taggart brokerage company. Before he was director general of Smartex company.

We remind you after an inauguration of the pension system reform, the Agency operated without the senior investment officer, while in February 2020 the supervisory board appointed David Tsiklauri on the mentioned position for a period of one year, who started the investment process. As a result, 575 million GEL was invested in certificates of deposits of Georgia-based commercial banks.

As for April 1, 2020, the Pension Fund has collected 670 million GEL.