Posted: 1 year ago

Georgia's Honey Exports Hit Records High in Jan-July 2022

In January-July 2022, Georgia received an income of 490 thousand dollars by exporting honey.

As a result, 116 tons of honey were sold in different countries. According to official statistics, the volume of exported goods is similar to the indicator of the same period last year, although the value increased by 23.4%.

A large part of the exported honey - 103 tons, which is 88% of the total sale - went to the EU countries during this period. Accordingly, Georgia exported 402 thousand dollars worth of honey to the European Union, which is 32% more than the income received in the same period last year.

Five countries to which Georgian honey was exported to are as follows:

1. France - 202.2 thousand dollars, 34 tons;

2. Bulgaria - 195 thousand dollars, 67 tons;

3. Israel - 30 thousand dollars, up to 5 tons;

4. United Arab Emirates - 18 thousand dollars, 2 tons;

5. Japan - 16 thousand dollars, 1 ton;

Apart from these countries, Georgia exported honey to Germany, Armenia, Saudi Arabia and Senegal.