Posted: 1 week ago

Georgian Airways Plans to Develop Cargo Direction

Georgian Airways plans to develop a cargo direction. As Roman Bokeria, CEO of the airline, explained to Business Partner, Airzena is already in talks with creditors and wants to introduce full cargo aircraft.

"We are working to develop the cargo direction, which is very important and became very popular during the pandemic. Looking for ways of development. We are negotiating with our creditors. As you know, we were operating cargo flights.

After my appointment as General Manager, we signed a very good agreement with Georgian Post, after which our assets were merged with Georgian Post and we started to develop cargo transportation through their terminal at the airport. During the civil aviation operation, the load came with the transportation of additional cargo on the aircraft. There was a variety of cargo, ranging from hazardous items to agricultural destinations and mailing, but the pandemic showed that demand for Cargo destinations in the region had increased.

At the initiative of Tamaz Gaiashvili, this direction is being developed now. Negotiations are also underway to bring cargo planes from the beginning to the end and to fully operate the cargo route with these planes, which will also be one of the ways to overcome the financial crisis after the pandemic," Roman Bokeria said.