Posted: 1 month ago

Georgian Airways Appointed New CEO

Georgian Airways has a new General Director. Roman Bokeria was replaced by David Gaiashvili, who owns 80% of the airline. Roman Bokeria wrote about leaving Georgian Airways on his Facebook page a few days ago and said that he was moving to the Georgian-American company "Georgian Business Brokerage", which he founded.

As for David Gaiashvili, who is already registered as the General Director of the airline in the public register, he is the brother of the airline's founder Tamaz Gaiashvili. Robert Oganesyan remains the First Deputy General Director of the airline.

Currently 80% of Georgian Airways is owned by David Gaiashvili and 20% by Georgian Air Service Ltd.

As for Georgian Air Service, 90% of its shares are owned by Eteri Gaiashvili, and 10% by Sophio Gventsadze.

Georgian Airways has been operating since September 1993 (it operated under the name Airzena - Georgian Airlines until October 1, 2004).

Initially, the airline operated charter flights to the United Arab Emirates, Italy, China, Egypt, India, Syria, as well as regular flights to Austria.

Despite the difficult economic and political situation in Georgia in the nineties of the twentieth century, as a result of the right business strategy, the airline was able to create a successful company and maintain its share of the aviation market.

In 1999, Airzena became Georgia's flagship air carrier.

In August 2004, Airzena continued to operate under the name Georgian Airways.

In 2000, the airline management decided to renew the fleet and leased two BOEING 737-500 aircraft from HAPAG-LLOYD.

This was the first time that a Georgian airline began operating Western-made aircraft. Since then, Georgian Airways has been constantly developing and updating its fleet.