Posted: 2 weeks ago

Georgia to Run with Top 25 Bilberry Exporter Countries in 2021

Georgia is expected to export over 5,000 tons of bilberries by 2023, EastFruit analysts forecast.

At this stage, bilberry plantations cover 1,000 hectares in Georgia and space is being further expanded, they noted. “According to our estimations, Georgia has picked around 750 tons of bilberry and 665 tons (89%) was exported”, FAO representative Andrea Yarmak noted.

With good weather conditions, Georgia will harvest 1,300-1,500 tons of bilberry in 2021 and run with the top 25 bilberry exporter countries in 2021. As for 2020, Georgia’s exports amounted to $3.8million, including 12 tons (95%) was exported to Russia, 6-8 tons to Armenia, UAE, and Ukraine.