Posted: 2 weeks ago

Georgia to Receive Extra 1.0143 Billion C3 Natural Gas from Azerbaijan

Georgia will receive additional 1.014 billion cubic meters of natural gas in exchange for transit of Azerbaijani gas to Europe. The mentioned component has been included in the 2021 natural gas balance.

This year, from Shah Deniz field Georgia will receive additional 508.7 million cubic meters of natural gas, optional gas of 505.95 million cubic meters. This signifies the natural gas volume from South Caucasus Corridor will increase by 126 million cubic meters compared to 2020. On the whole, Georgia will receive 2.518 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Azerbaijan, including 1.014 billion cubic meters from Shah Deniz field and 1.504 billion cubic meters from SOCAR.

At the same time, the country will buy 200 million cubic meters from Russia. Domestic extraction will also increase by 11.08 million cubic meters and total gas supply will amount to 2.729 billion cubic meters in 2021.

As for domestic gas consumption, the 2021 figure is 2.694 billion cubic meters, including 1.794 billion cubic meters of social gas (664.9 million cubic meters from steam power plants and 1.129 billion cubic meters – population). 899.82 million cubic meters is consumed by private sector