Posted: 1 week ago

Georgia is Anticipating the Arrival of Covid Treatment Pills

New Covid-19 treatment pills such as Merck's Molnupiravir, will be imported into Georgia, according to Tamar Gabunia, Georgia's Deputy Minister of Health.

"Recently, there has been an active discussion and anticipation about Covid antiviral drugs. Molnupiravir has already received the authorization of the US Food and Drug Administration. We are working in this direction. The clinical team has supported the purchase of a certain amount of medicine and we think that as soon as the purchase procedure is completed, it will be available in the country," Tamar Gabunia said.

According to her, it is possible for the country to receive the authorized medicine made by "Pfizer". 

"FDA granted it authorization at the end of December. Medications are promising. Their use has been shown in the early stages of treatment when severe symptoms have not yet been expressed. This is a medicine in the form of pills. We think it will further reduce the need for hospitalization and enable us to improve clinical outcomes. Before that, in the case of Covid, there are medicines in Georgia that are recognized by European and US regulators," said Tamar Gabunia.