Posted: 2 weeks ago

Georgia Allocates €6.5 Million for Rehabilitation of 15 Schools in Mountainous Regions

Georgia has two agreements with the Scandinavian Environment Finance Corporation, according to which a total of 6.5 million euros has been allocated for the rehabilitation of schools in mountainous regions. The documents will be considered by the Parliament for ratification.

According to the First Deputy Minister of Finance, Giorgi Kakauridze, one of these agreements concerns a loan, and the other one is about a grant. The country receives 3.9 million euros in loans and 2.6 million euros in grants.

This amount of money will be allocated for the rehabilitation of 15 schools in mountainous regions, in particular, Tianeti, Gori, Tsalka, Aspindza, Akhaltsikhe, Ambrolauri, and Borjomi.

The project is implemented by Municipal Development Fund.

The project will be finished on May 4th, 2025.