Posted: 5 years ago

Food Trucks to Take over Tbilisi Within Night Economy

“Another project will be implemented within the night economy. So called Food trucks will be located in the capital, on specific locations, “said Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Sophio Khuntsaria.

According to her, small businesses are expressing great interest towards this project.

According to Sophio Khuntsaria during video tape, a survey will be conducted in all ten regions of Tbilisi, which will examine the potential of each region in terms of how the capital districts can be developed in the direction of night economy.

Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi spoke about the importance of the steps taken in the direction of night economy.

“The night economy is obviously a communication between the City Hall and the small business, with the population, tourism and so on. The first projects are already implemented. For example, this is the N222 “Night Bus”, which works very efficiently. Development of night economy is not just for tourism or for people who are oriented on entertainment, as the local population should benefit from working at night, “Khuntsaria said.