Posted: 9 months ago

Factors that Determine Unequal Incomes in Georgia - Response by EBRD’s Chief Economist

Frequently, the gender or residential place of a specific person preconditions low and unequal incomes, EBRD’s chief economist Sergei Guriev told the Forbes Week.

“The EBRD’s board of directors has adopted a new concept. We want to create such market condition that will be inclusive, based on green principles, under proper governance, integrated into international markets and stable. Today we prioritize inclusive development to ensure sustainable development of our country. And the key mission of me, as a chief economist, is to determine how the inclusive capacity is measured.

Unequal conditions are not expressed only in unequal incomes, but they also imply unequal access to economic opportunities. And Georgia does not have good positions in this respect. Namely, the gender or a residential place of a specific person frequently determine low and unequal incomes. In this respect the Government has to provide huge job and we are ready to assist the Authorities in overcoming this challenge”, Guriev said.