Posted: 1 week ago

Enterprise Georgia Wins 2020 WTPO Awards

Enterprise Georgia agency has been named as the best export promotion agency at the World Trade Promotions (WTPO) Awards.

At the October 14 ceremony, together with Georgia, the award was also transmitted to Sweden and Costa-Rica. The 2020 ceremony’s key focus was made on export development initiatives. Enterprise Georgia was one of the 18 finalist agencies from such countries as Austria, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Portugal, and Sweden.

Finalists and winner organizations were selected by international experts in exports and trade fields. The event is supervised by leading companies and public facilities. “Georgia’s recognition by such high-level international contest is an additional success for our country and this fact will promote our economic progress”, Enterprise Georgia director Mikheil Khidureli noted. WTPO Awards is a prestigious transnational competition founded in 2004 in order to select the best trade promoting organizations.

Sixty countries were represented at the competition in 2019. WTPO Awards is held by the International Trade Center – a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Agency aims to internationalize small and medium businesses and ensure active cooperation with state agencies at all continents.