Posted: 1 week ago

Enterprise Georgia to Launch Micro Grants Program on October 5

The Micro Grants program will be launched on October 5, the Enterprise Georgia director Mikheil Khidureli told Business Partner TV Program.

The program’s budget is GEL 40 million, while beneficiaries are able to obtain a grant of about GEL 30,000, Mikheil Khidureli noted. “This year the program will comprise no limitations in terms of locations and all regions, including Tbilisi will be involved in the process.

The program will fund family guesthouses, automobile service centers, beauty salons, bakeries, and other directions. We will have very strict criteria. Two different experts will appraise each project. We will ensure strict monitoring”, Khidureli said.

If a beneficiary fails to implement a business plan and spend money aimlessly, all equipment and machinery will be expropriated, Khidureli said. “This year we will fund many projects. Many citizens will have the opportunity to participate in the program. Enterprise Georgia will fund almost all fields. Our budget has increased to GEL 0.5 million”, Mikheil Khidureli said.