Posted: 3 weeks ago

Construction of 15km Gurjaani Bypass Completed

Construction works at 15.5km long Akhmeta-Telavi-Bakurtsikhe section (Bakurtsikhe-Gurjaani) finished. 

Gurjaani-Bakurtsikhe bypass road will connect Akhmeta-Telavi-Bakurtsikhe secondary road to Tbilisi-Bakurtsikhe-Lagodekhi secondary road. Vehicles moving in the direction of Gurjaani-Bakurtsikhe will no longer have to pass through the city of Gurjaani and the villages of Gurjaani municipality: Bakurtsikhe, Kolagi, Dzirkoki, Chandari, Vejini and Chumlaki.

The project, worth GEL 38 000 000 is financed by the World Bank and is implemented within the third project (SLRPIII) of international and secondary roads.

The project will improve the safety standards of 15.5km long Gurjaani bypass section of Akhmeta-Telavi-Bakurtsikhe road. Travel time and related costs will be significantly reduced.