Posted: 2 months ago

Clubs May Open from December 10-11

It has been 21 months since the clubs are closed due to the restrictions of COVID-19. The club industry has been negotiating with the government for several months now.

According to the representative of the initiative group Act4Culture, the industry will receive the final answer regarding the opening in early December, the issue will be raised at the board meeting on December 7.

"We had the first work meeting, where we tried to elaborate all the protocols needed to open clubs. This is because all other industries already have this document, including movies, theaters, halls. We're left with only a few details to go through. Out of 5 issues, one issue remains to be resolved. Our next meeting is scheduled for December 2-3 and it is expected that the issue will be raised at the council meeting on December 7.", noted the representative of Act4Culture, Davit Lezhava.

Green passports will enter into force from December 1st, through which persons with green status will be able to enter specific institutions.