Posted: 10 months ago

Citrus Harvest to Reach 40,000 tons in 2020; Orange Harvest Underway

Citrus picking will start on November 20. As the Adjara Agriculture Minister told Business Partner, the forecast harvest indicator is 40,000 tons. “Including nonstandard mandarin will hit 6-7 thousand tons.

A concentrate processing plant has been already prepared for nonstandard citrus. The plant will buy and process citrus materials. We expect a successful season”, Giorgi Surmanidze noted. The Government of Georgia will subsidize nonstandard mandarin by GEL 900,000-1 million, he added.

“The 2020 state budget has allocated GEL 500,000 to this end. The 2021 budget will also subsidize this direction by GEL 400,000. On the whole, we can subsidize nonstandard mandarin by GEL 900,000, however, we expect good harvest and the ratio of nonstandard mandarin will be smaller”, the Adjara Agriculture Minister noted.