Posted: 1 month ago

Azerbaijan to Channel 25 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas and 24 Million Tons of Fuel through Georgia

Azerbaijan is set to export a staggering 24 million tons of fuel this year, with the entirety of this volume transiting through Georgia, announced Elnur Sultnov, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. His remarks came during a panel discussion at the "Tbilisi Silk Road Forum."

The discussion, themed "Energy diversification - the path to energy security," saw representatives from Georgia, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and various international financial institutions.

Sultnov emphasized the exemplary relationship between Georgia and Azerbaijan, stating, "Our mutual rapport stands as a testament to what a model partnership can and should be."

Tracing Azerbaijan's energy journey, he noted, "Our energy story began with oil back in the 19th century when the first industrial oil pump was set up. The initial oil pipeline connected Baku to Batumi, stretching towards the Black Sea. Following our regained independence, the Baku-Sufs oil pipeline project was initiated. The success of these ventures stands as a testament to the synergy between the multiple parties involved. This year, Azerbaijan's entire 24 million tons of fuel exports will be channeled through Georgian oil pipelines."

Sultnov also touched upon the rich history of oil and natural gas from the 20th century, referencing the South Caucasus oil pipeline. He added, "For this year, our target is to export an additional 25 billion cubic meters of gas through Georgia, which will then head to Turkey, and subsequently from Turkey to Greece, ending up with the final recipients. There's a possibility that this supply chain might extend to Hungary as well."