Posted: 2 months ago

Artificial Lake to Cover Slopes with Snow on Ski Resorts Arranged

According to the United Water Supply Company, the arrangement of new water and sewage infrastructure in the resort areas is actively underway. The director of the company, Giga Mandaria, got acquainted with the ongoing projects in Gudauri and assessed the current situation.

"We can say that there is enough water in Gudauri. For the system to cover slopes with artifical snow, approximately 80,000 cubic meters of water has already been placed in the reservoir. Accordingly, the resort will use this water supply for covering with snow as needed. In addition, the construction of water supply and sewerage system is underway, "- said Giga Mandaria.

As reports, several projects funded by both international and local budgets are underway in Gudauri at the moment, with a total cost of about 40 million GEL.

"The projects envisage the construction of water supply and sewerage system and sewage treatment facilities. Arrangement of headworks and wells is nearing completion. In addition, the company has already completed the filling of the artificial reservoir with water required for the calculation. As a result of the works, the population of Gudauri and the tourists who have arrived there will be provided with proper water and sewage infrastructure. "Sewage treatment facilities in accordance with modern standards will significantly reduce the risk of environmental pollution in the region," - said in a statement.

Reminder: The so-called As part of the point restrictions, the government has imposed restrictions on mountain resorts. In particular: the work of hotels is allowed only to arrange quarantine spaces; Also, the operation of ski slopes and ski lifts is stopped.