Posted: 1 year ago

Anaklia Consortium Introduces 2 Major Investors

Anaklia Development Consortium abstains from commenting on confidential discussions that was held with the Ministry as part of the ordinary bilateral communication between the Parties. The Consortium has spread the following statement.

The Consortium carries on working on the project jointly with all Parties involved, including with the Ministry.

To this end, the Consortium introduced two major investors that are able to make essential contribution to the consortium enhancement, jointly with SSA Marine and Georgian TBCH Anaklia.

The Consortium believes that it would be a logical continuation of this communication if the Ministry sends an official letter to the mentioned potential investors to prove that they welcome their engagement in the project and the Government will provide overall support to them.

The time has come that all interested and engaged parties unite their efforts for successful implementation of this strategic project. The Consortium welcomes all positive steps by the government that stimulate rapid development of this project - for Georgia’s strategic success”, the statement reads.