Posted: 3 weeks ago

2-Lane 12-km Road Opened on the Kutaisi Bypass Road

A second, 2-lane 12-kilometer road was opened on the Kutaisi bypass road on the highway.

By this time, two additional 40 km lanes of the Kutaisi bypass road have already been built and different sections will be put into operation in stages.

"A 12 km four-lane highway was added to the 19 km four-lane section opened in the summer. Two-way traffic on the 10 km section of the road will be temporarily open according to safety rules. Therefore, from today, we will bypass the city of Kutaisi while traveling on the East-West highway, and the travel time will be halved, ”said the Roads Department.

The 41.3 km Kutaisi-Samtredia bypass road was divided into 4 lots. Construction of the new 2-lane road will be completed in a few weeks, and after all sections are fully operational, traffic on the 4-lane road will be one-way.