Posted: 4 years ago

Wizz Air Celebrates 7 Years Anniversary Serving 2 Million Passengers in Kutaisi

It has been 7 years since Wizz Air started operating in Kutaisi International Airport and since then the airline has served 2 000 000 passengers.

Ana Heintz has become 2 millionth passenger, who traveled from Dortmund to Kutaisi. Ana Heintz has met Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable development, Akaki Saghirashvili, Director General of 'United Airports of Georgia', Giorgi Chogovadze and Head of Pricing and Revenue Management of Wizz Air, Garth Lund.

Ana Heintz was gifted with 200 euros travel voucher, with which she can travel to more than 600 destinations from 146 airports and 44 countries. "United Airports of Georgia" has also gifted rest of the passengers, who were mostly foreigners, with Georgian wine and walnut of "Chikora".

As Giorgi Chogovadze declares, with the anniversary of 7-year operation, Wizz Air has become the leader on the Georgian air market. 

"For me it is a big pleasure, to meet her as a 2 millionth passenger in my country. The increase of Georgian Airlines is the straight guaranty of the tourism growth, hospitality development, building additional workplaces and therefore, economic stimulation. In this field, the work of Wizz Air is utterly relevant. Our goal is to achieve Wizz Air to be the regional hub between the Caucasus and Europe. In 2018, this airline has become the number one airline in Georgia and during the seven years, it has served more than 2 million passengers. This day is the successful summarizing of what we achieved through years with our united work. Annually, our plans become more ambitious with Wizz Air.", stated Giorgi Chogovadze.