Posted: 5 years ago

Traffic Restrictions To Be Imposed Near Tamar Mepe Avenue

On the right bank of Mtkvari, on the ramp near the Tamar Mepe Bridge, the movement of vehicles will be restricted tomorrow, from 11:00 till the end of the year. 

Apart from this, the traffic restrictions also impose on the right bank of Vakhushti bridge. Therefore, to reach the Heroes Square will be probable with the following routes:

From the right bank of Mtkvari; from Laguna Vere; from Marshal Gelovani Avenue; from Aliyev Embankment; 

From the Tamar Mepe bridge, vehicle movement will be permitted in the direction of the right bank of Mtkvari with the following directions:

From Heroes Square and Laguna Vere; in the direction of Public Service Hall; from Heroes Square, Kostava Street, Saakadze Square, Marshal Gelovani Avenue; from Heroes Square, Kostava Street, Saakadze Square, Shartava and Gagarini Streets in the directions of Gelovani Gamziri.