Posted: 9 months ago

Levan Koghuashvili's Brighton 4th Wins Three Prizes at Cottbus Film Festival

Brighton 4th, a film co-produced by Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) and directed by Levan Koghuashvili, won three awards at the Cottbus Film Festival, one of the most important film events in Eastern Europe.

Brighton 4th received an Ecumenical Jury prize and a FIPRESCI-Prize, while Levan Tediashvili received a prize for outstanding individual performance amounted to 5,000 EUR, according to Levan Koghuashvili of GPB First Channel.

Georgia will nominate Brighton 4th for the Oscars and Golden Globes. The story revolves around a Georgian wrestler who is living in emigration. Levan Tediashvili, a two-time Olympic champion, plays the main character.

Koguashvili's script revolves around the Georgian wrestler embarking on a mission to save his son from debt incurred in Brooklyn gambling. Kakhi Kavsadze, a Georgian actor who died on April 27th, played Brighton 4th in his final role.

Brighton 4th recently received three awards at the 20th anniversary edition of New York's internationally renowned Tribeca Film Festival.