Posted: 1 year ago

Georgia Presents NFT Collection "Supra3.0" in Tokyo

In Tokyo, on October 11, a press conference will be held at CryptoBase, a space designated for blockchain technology events, where the participants will get to know the Georgian NFT collection called supra3.0 - the Georgian Embassy in Japan disseminates information about this.

According to them, Supra3.0 consists of 5,000 NFT works created by Georgian Ambassador Teimuraz Lezhava and aims to offer NFT works loaded with elements of Georgian culture to the Japanese public interested in Georgia.

It should be emphasized that Supra3.0 is the first NFT collection created on the theme of Georgian traditions, culture and history.

NFT holders will be given access to exclusive services during their visit to Georgia, which will be provided by more than 20 Georgian companies united in the mentioned project, which in turn represent Georgia's tourism, culinary and fashion industries," said the information released by the Embassy of Georgia in Japan.

The event is supported by the "Japan Blockchain Association". Yuzo Kano, the founder of Japan's largest cryptocurrency exchange Bitfury, will appear as a speaker along with Teimuraz Lezhava.

Giorgi Tushurashvili, the founder of the Georgian company Echolize, who provides technological support to the mentioned collection, will also make a speech at the press conference.

Supra3.0 was created with the participation of Georgian graphic designer Tamar Chekurishvili.

The event will be held in Japanese and will be available both on-site and online.