Posted: 8 months ago

Georgia Earns a Spot in Top Five at Adobe Graphic Design World Championship

The Adobe Graphic Design World Championship recently took place in Florida, USA, with Georgia securing a place among the top five countries. Mariam Bagathuria, the winner of the regional Adobe design competition co-organized by the University of Business and Technology (BTU), achieved fourth place. The contest centered around the theme: "Refugees Welcome - Always."

Participants from 71 countries worldwide competed in the Adobe Certified Professionals World Championship. Following rigorous competition, the ten best participants were selected, with Georgia proudly included.

Before embarking on the World Championship journey, Bagathuria competed in a regional competition held in Tbilisi. This competition was part of a collaboration between BTU and IT Academy Step Georgia and was open to the Asakobrov category for individuals aged 13 to 23.

The Adobe Certified Professional World Championship is an annual global event organized by Certiport. Its main objective is to highlight proficient Adobe program users and to unearth the next generation of talented designers. Bagathuria's achievement is a testament to the growing pool of design talent in Georgia, and it indicates a bright future for the country's design industry.