Posted: 1 month ago

Zviad Tsikolia Plants to Build an Enterprise and Head Office

Famous Georgian industrial designer Zviad Tsikolia plans to build an enterprise and a head office. As he states with "Business Partner", the work on the project has already been completed and engineering works are underway at the moment.

The approximate location is also selected. According to Tsikolia, they are considering the area of ​​Didi Dighomi or Lilo.

Tsikolia can not tell the specific date of the beginning of the construction and launch, because it depends on the project approval period and the situation in the world, including Russia-Ukraine.

"The investment cost of the project is unknown because we will have a full calculation after the engineering work. The factory has a total of 600 sq.m. of space, from which the mechanical workshop is 300 sq.m. in area. The rest will be dedicated to the administrative building, "Tsikolia said.

Zviad Tsikolia is a famous Georgian industrial designer, whose portfolio includes many projects. Among them is Tsikolia Watches, which is a brand of Georgian watches. The product is made in Switzerland with a special design and has maintained its niche in the market for years. The factory located in Tbilisi will produce all the products created by the designer. These include watches, jewelry, sunglasses, and various accessories.