Posted: 4 days ago

Vegan Cuisine Namu to Open 2 New Branches

Vegan cuisine "Namu" opens two new branches this year. Ana Tikaradze, the founder of Vegan Cuisine, says that the company will invest a total of about $ 100,000 in both branches.

''One new Namu facility will open in the renovated Orbeliani market in mid-February. We will open the second branch on Abashidze Street in March. We have also increased the number of employees and will employ 15 people in both new branches," said the founder of Namu at

Ana Tikaradze summed up last year and said that the company has been growing since the day of its opening and the awareness of vegan food consumers about ''Namu'' is constantly increasing.

''2021 was a very successful year for Namu. We worked without closing and we also adapted the delivery service well. This was reflected in the number of sales and customers, in particular, a 30-40% increase was observed last year. We have news about the production of kombucha, our drink is already sold in many stores and we will soon join the Goodwill network," said Ana Tikaradze.

It should be noted that in her opinion, the regulation of the "green pass" remains a challenge, which has had a negative impact on the number of users and it is desirable to remove it soon.

Namu appeared on the market in 2016. The object of vegan cuisine is currently located at # 30 Shalva Dadiani. The company is actively promoting healthy diet.