Posted: 1 month ago

Valeri Chekheria Quits Adjara Group

Valeri Chekheria is the creator of Adjara Group’s visibility worldwide, the Company’s HR management director mentioned the group’s director-general Valeri Chekheria in this way in 2019.

Georgia’s one of the successful and prominent TOP managers has quitted Adjara Group management. Namely, Valeri Chekheria, who has created the hospitality business together with Adjara Group, says that he will lead a new consulting group in the hospitality sector.

"I have left Adjara Group, in practice. At this stage, I still remain the head of the board of directors, but I do not participate in projects. I am developing my own consulting group in the hospitality sector. After the New Year celebrations, I will more openly talk about plans and projects”, Valeri Chekheria said. Valeri Chekheria has worked in various managerial positions at Parliament of Georgia, Ministry of Finance, Economy Ministry of Georgia, UN resident representation in Georgia, Human Rights Watch, Goldman Sachs, and Adjara Group Hospitality. Several months ago he was appointed as the chairman of the Board of Directors of Adjara Group.