Posted: 1 month ago

Tserti Company to Open Dairy Plant

Tserti agriculture products sales network will open a dairy plant at a new branch on Kazbegi Avenue, Tbilisi.

Currently, the company owns two branches in Tbilisi. As noted by the company founder Bidzina Gonashvili, they have found a different solution for opening a dairy plant. “Initially. we planned to launch a milk processing plant in Kakheti Region. Finally, we chose Tbilisi to open a special and different plant. Namely, Tserti company visitors have the opportunity to watch the dairy production process.

The official inauguration of the plant is scheduled for January 15”, the Tserti founder noted. The company has invested around GEL 200,000 in the project implementation. The plant’s output constituted 1.5 tons of milk in 8 hours and over 3 tons in 16 hours. ‘We have organized a big company. The output will increase in compliance with market demand. Agroqiziki company produces combined forage for milk-producing farmers. Consequently, we will buy milk from our partner farmers in Kakheti Region and produce cheese Imeruli and Sulguni, sour milk, butter, and quark”, Bidzina Gonashvili said.

The first branch of Tserti manufactures meat products and semi-finished goods and another branch will produce dairy products, he said. ‘Ecologically clean products of our agriculture sector will be represented at both branches of Tserti company”, Gonashvili said.