Posted: 1 year ago

Tiriphoni Gardens Plans to Replace Imported Fruits with Local Ones

In the Gori district's Kvarkheti village, the anticipated harvest rate has seen a significant surge this year. Yet, Zurab Gojiashvili, the founder of "Tiriphoni Gardens", expresses a level of discontent with the results. He sets his future sights on the lofty goal of supplanting imported fruits with locally grown ones.

Gojiashvili spoke candidly in an interview with "Agropartner", highlighting that at present, his company plays a rather minor role in the nation's apple production.

He commented, "In the previous year, our output stood at a mere 1,000 tons, while 120,000 tons of apples were imported into the country. Being a net importer of apples means Georgia imports significantly more apples than it exports. Consequently, our produce is primarily sold within the Georgian market."

Gojiashvili further elucidated on a singular export venture to Dubai involving a 20-ton container, undertaken to gain invaluable insights into export procedures, transport logistics, and key market prerequisites. He voiced optimism, stating, "Once local production scales to such an extent that export becomes not just inevitable, but essential, we must be well-prepared."

Looking towards future prospects, he shared his belief that their products would find a prominent market in the Arabian Peninsula and countries along the Indian Ocean. He added, "Our successful deliveries to these markets can be economical and efficient. The success of Ukraine and Moldova in this regard, even amidst the conflict, gives us great hope. In December 2022 alone, 100 containers brimming with apples were dispatched from Ukraine to Dubai."

"Tiriphoni Gardens" boasts of super-intensive apple and pear orchards sprawled across a 31-hectare area in the Kvarkheti village, Gori district. Apples constitute the primary yield, while pears are grown on a 2.6-hectare sub-section. The total investment in these orchards has reached 13 million GEL. The company employs ten permanent staff members, with the number swelling to 50 during peak seasons.

The journey of cultivating these fruitful gardens began in 2014.