Posted: 4 months ago

The Government of Georgia issues business grants for 20 more startups

For the selection of the most perspective startup projects, the Agency of Innovations Technologies of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development invited the world's best venture investors in the committee of investments.

The winner startups are:

  • Phubber - social shopping platform, which is the mobile application and is the mix of social network and online shops of clothes.
  • My Drug App - The application gives an opportunity to consumers to acquire medication with the price which is less than wholesale.
  • RED - The system of fire service detection (smoke, heat, carbon dioxide) and monitoring of air quality (CO2, CO, and other harmful gas). These detectors and sensors are connected with the solution of cloud services.
  • IoGreen - The system of sensors automatization, which assists businesses and farmers of agrisphere.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - hybrid unmanned vehicle, which will be more effective, safe and will satisfy the regulatory requirements of the developing countries.
  • Lupi AI - Analytic equipment with the database of education. Loop gives an opportunity to make decisions in the field of education based on AI data.
  • Logmind - Company, which creates an analytic platform of AI and will assist operation groups of DevOps and IT of large companies and automatically reveal the errors of their applications. 
  • Shenia - Consumers can create personal tales for children online, where their child is the main character of the story.
  • Qvevry - The project is applying modern technologies to produce Georgian traditional wine vessel - Qvevri. For printing Qvevri they will specially create new ceramic 3D printer, which will then produce 1000-1500 Litres of Qvevri.
  • RNSEED Potato Fabrik -  Unique integrated agri-Bio technological system, which can in vitro clone seeds of potatoes and multiply mini-tubers.
  • Colors of Caucasus - Technology to get ecologically clean bio-fabric with natural ingredients.
  • BioCure - Universal and ecologically clean technology, which simplifies the process of cleaning.
  • Inventors - second-hand inovation project of trading new auto parts.
  • Travel Guide - innovational, tourist program, which aims to develope tourism sector due to innovational technologies.
  • - online market of auto-hardwares.
  • Beauty Lab - gives an opportunity to clients to reserve desirable procedure in the beauty salon with one button.
  • Atrion - the company of information technologies, which will serve operational companies in the field of international development and will have a capacity to implement projects successfully with the less time and costs.
  • VTOL - Aerial Vehicle - Producing unmanned and pilot flying vehicle and providing innovational services to local and international market.
  • VADAC - The project aims to develop international online platforms for academically honorable online certifications, which will help self-taught consumers and employers to receive certificates with an acceptable price.
  • LiveCaller - The program based on cloud system, which gives an opportunity to the companies, to have a relationship with their website visitors, video calls, general browsing and correspondence free of charge.