Posted: 1 month ago

"The Demand for IT Specialists in Georgia Increased Due to the War" - Sweeft Digital

One of the co-founders of Sweeft Digital, Vako Turnava noted, that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has significantly changed the information technology market. 

The outflow of employees from the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian markets in this field have significantly increased the demand for IT specialists in Georgia, although the supply is still low.

"Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus have been important sources for many companies in terms of IT specialists. Today Ukraine is almost completely closed. Today's people who work in this field are at war, the soldiers. People are fleeing and migrating from Russia. The rate of migration from Belarus is higher. They sent us a CV and they wanted to start working with us and when we asked them why they were coming, they said that one day we would be in a war too and we did not want a war with Ukraine. The second factor is that many companies view Belarus as a country at risk.

The collapse of these markets has led to a huge relocation. The companies themselves were looking for countries where they could move their people. Consequently, we have a great demand, which means increasing the role of our country, and the region. "There is much more demand than supply, which is why salaries and other benefits for developers are much higher.", declared Vako Turnava in the show "Bar".