Posted: 3 weeks ago

Tamar Tkeshelashvili Highlights Female Ownership in Real Estate: 47% are Women

Tamar Tkeshelashvili, Deputy Minister of Justice, disclosed on the "Business Partner" program that 47% of registered real estate owners in Georgia are women. This statistic underscores the nation's commitment to dismantling gender inequality in property ownership.

The Deputy Minister emphasized that gender equality, as enshrined in Georgia's Constitution, goes hand in hand with the economic empowerment of women. This empowerment is intricately linked to property ownership and entrepreneurial activities. The government is currently advancing systematic land registration, which is provided free of charge. This process, Tkeshelashvili noted, reflects an encouraging trend towards equal property ownership.

"Back in the 2000s, initial land registrations typically recognized the 'head of the family'—usually a male—as the property owner. Today, our approach has evolved. We now register all family members as co-owners, ensuring that women have equal rights to the property. This marks significant progress in ensuring gender parity in real estate ownership.

The Ministry of Justice spearheaded the adoption of an anti-discrimination law and amendments to the Labor Code, which represent significant strides at the legislative level. However, awareness remains a pivotal challenge. It's crucial that we continue to elevate this discussion on all platforms," stated Tamar Tkeshelashvili.