Posted: 4 weeks ago

Tamar Enukidze: Nurturing Hazelnut Orchards with Passion and Expertise

Tamar Enukidze, an orientalist-philologist by training and a teacher by profession, seamlessly blends her academic career with her fervent pursuit of farming.

Residing and teaching in the city of Lagodekhi, she tends to her hazelnut orchards located in the village of Sakobo. During harvest season, Tamar's day begins at 5 a.m. in the fields, is punctuated by a few hours of teaching, and concludes with more time devoted to her orchards.

Embarking on her agricultural journey three years ago, Tamar chose to carry forward her husband’s legacy. Her 18-hectare farm is home to thriving Gavazura hazelnuts, a venture she finds more adventurous than she initially envisioned.

September brings a bustling and vibrant atmosphere to the orchards, marking the peak of the harvest season. Following a brief respite in October, Tamar and her team quickly shift focus to autumnal tasks such as soil cultivation and tree pruning, while springtime is reserved for pest control measures. In her quest for reliability and effectiveness, Tamar opts for Bayer’s plant protection products.

Tamar emphasizes the importance of adopting innovative approaches in agriculture, especially in the face of changing climates and emerging pests. She often seeks advice from the "Agrosphere” here company and utilizes their prepared booklets and books to guide her farming practices.

For Tamar, farming is an unending endeavor that demands constant attention and effort. Despite the challenges, she remains convinced that the rewards of nurturing the land are well worth the commitment.