Posted: 1 month ago

STEPN 'NFT Botas' Ranks Highes in Georgian Search Engine

According to Google Trends, STEPN's 'NFT sneakers' are the most popular in the Georgian search engine. This means that among all Internet searches, STEPN's 'NFT Botas' has the highest share in Georgia than in other countries.

That is why, according to Google Trends, interest in STEPN in Georgia is valued at 100 points, followed by China, where interest in STEPN is valued at 38 points, followed by Hong Kong and Japan with 26-26 points and Kazakhstan with 25 points.

The number of users of the application built on the blockchain Solana - STEPN is growing every day in the world, as well as in Georgia. To start playing in STEPN, the customer first has to purchase NFT sneakers. Then, for a certain amount of money, the user receives an NFT-token - sneakers, after which he generates a gaming cryptocurrency by walking or jogging, which he exchanges for real money.

Interest in STEPN by country According to Google Trends:

Interest in STEPN has grown dramatically in recent weeks:

In Georgia today, interest in STEPN is higher than interest in Bitcoin or Etherium: