Posted: 4 years ago

Step Inn – Polish Investor to Build Premium Class Hotel in Kazbegi

Construction of Step Inn premium-class hotel in Kazbegi will be launched in several days and finished in October 2019.

The 5-floor premium hotel has the following competitive advantages:

- Different exterior, comfortable design, environment-adapted space.

The hotel is owned by Ana Alibegashvili, who has already opened several spaces for tourists in Kazbegi. Step Inn is the third facility and this will be an absolutely different hotel, she said.

“First of all, the space is surrounded by fields and picturesque views open for visitors. It should be noted that all suites have a view to Mkinvartsveri and this is our advantage”, she noted.

Step Inn will comprise 20 suites, conference hall, resultant, terrace and all other amenities for a premium-class facility.

Total space of the hotel is 1600 square meters and this is a foreign direct investment by a Polish investor. We have managed to implement this project jointly with him. We plan to introduce European-standard services and we plan to attend training courses in Switzerland. As a result, our hospitality will always make our visitors content and they will also come back for our services”.

Step Inn will be unveiled in spring 2020.