Posted: 1 month ago

Shkhepi Plans to Export its Lemonade

Within the framework of the 4-year partnership between the Bank of Georgia and the company "Shkhepi", the manufacturer of Georgian lemonade plans to develop its export direction and add products to its assortment.

Currently, the company provides its customers with up to 10 varieties of non-alcoholic lemonades.

"Shkhepi has been operating on the market for 7 years. With the investment of GEL 80,000 allocated by the Bank of Georgia, we have successfully expanded our business and received the necessary financing for the building, short-term expenses, and working capital within the framework of the partnership. This means for our company that the production cycle has become even more sustainable as we have increased access to the resources needed to purchase raw materials. In the future, we plan to further expand the production line and the types of products offered. In addition, our plans also include adapting to the export markets.", noted the founder of Shkhepi, Malkhaz Kharshiladze.