Posted: 6 days ago

Screenplay - the First School of Screenwriters Opens in Georgia

Anyone who wants to bring their idea to a wider audience in the form of a film, series, video, book or play has the opportunity to take a three-month course and become a professional screenwriter.

Students will take a basic course of lectures required for the screenwriting profession. The course is universal and is intended not only for beginners but also for active screenwriters who consider improving their knowledge or learn to work on a screenplay in another genre.

At the "Screenplay" school, applicants will master the techniques and skills of script writing, adaptation of literary works and real news. They will get the experience of practical work on scenarios of different genres and will be able to implement their own ideas at a professional level.

The founders of the Screenwriters' School are Gocha Korkhelauri, the screenwriter and stage director of the most popular series and programs in Georgia, the consulting company "Gepra" and the Georgian-American University.

"The role of screenwriters in the development of modern society is quite high. The stories they create always affect people, give new ways of solving problems and new directions, and show a feeling of sharing and empathy.

The Screenwriting School gives anyone an opportunity to bring their story to all interested parties and transform their idea into an unforgettable story. I am glad that by establishing "Screenplay" we are contributing to the development of the demanding and highly paid profession of screenwriter," said Soso Galumashvili, senior consultant of "Gepra".

Teachers at the screenwriting school "Screenplay" include playwrights and authors of well-known books and plays as well as screenwriters who have produced a number of successful television projects. They will share with students their extensive experience in addition to the theoretical part.