Posted: 1 week ago

Safe Haven - New Educational and Entrepreneurial Program for Ukrainian Women

Safe Haven is an educational and entrepreneurial program, through which Ukrainian students and female entrepreneurs will be able to study in Georgia for one year and gain new entrepreneurial experience. The program provides an opportunity for young women to develop entrepreneurial skills.

About ten private local and international companies, donor organizations, and educational institutes were united around the initiative. Project partners are TBC, Startup Connect, USAID Economic Resilience Activity in Ukraine, American startup accelerator U.S. Market Access Center (USMAC), Adjara Group, Gazelle Finance Georgia, Caucasus University, Georgian-American University, Business and Technology University (BTU), and Webster University in Georgia.

Today, representatives of project partner companies and institutions held a press conference in TBC concept space and spread the information about the initiative to the public. To support the "Safe Haven" project, a TBC charity account was created, where anyone can make a donation and become a charity participant.

One can make donations via the following account numbers:


GE73TB7318736080100014 Recipient: NNLE TIBISELEBI


GE53TB7318736180100002 Recipient: NNLE TIBISELEBI


GE53TB7318736180100002 Recipient: NNLE TIBISELEBI